A self-paced, online course by Lael Stone & Bernadette Lack to nurture and support you through a connected, powerful postpartum period.

A transformative initiation into motherhood that holds you physically, mentally & emotionally in early postpartum

You planned your pregnancy, labour and birth. But once you’ve grown and birthed your baby (you magical, marvellous human) what tools and support do you have to navigate the emotional, physical and mental transformation to motherhood?

Modern Western culture has lost sight of the rites of passage and ritual around birth and postpartum that nurtures the mother in those early weeks and months. And at times it can feel lonely and overwhelming.

You can find yourself struggling in postpartum with:

  • Understanding and healing the physical changes and postpartum body issues that so many of us experience
  • Processing birth trauma or postpartum emotions as a new mother
  • Settling, feeding and understanding your new baby
  • Connecting with your partner and nourishing your relationship
  • Following your intuition and instincts in a sea of differing information
  • Understanding what is physically and emotionally normal postpartum
But your postpartum journey is not one you have to do alone. Holding the Mother is your village to nourish you through your transition to motherhood. This is compassionate knowledge and guidance to nurture, heal and connect with your postpartum self whilst meeting your needs and those of your baby in a way that feels right to you.

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Program Overview

Module 1

Recovering from Birth

We explore birth trauma, how your body may feel after birth and gentle ways to move and reconnect with your body after having a baby.

Module 2

Initiation to Motherhood

This module explores your identity as a mother, your feelings around guilt, shame and your imprints as a woman.

Module 3

Releasing Tension

We take a look at feelings and emotions, supporting your baby and ways to release tension in your body and mind.

Module 4

Postpartum Awareness

This module speaks to matresence, hormones, nutrition, sleep and communication with partners.

What you will learn:

Understand and reidentify with your physical postpartum body

From prolapse, diastasis recti, incontinence, haemorrhoids, anal fissures to tears and more. Understand postnatal body issues with evidence-based information. Learn to release tensions held in the body from birth or past trauma.

Address postnatal body issues with a holistic approach

What are common and uncommon postnatal body issues? What do you feel and what does your body need right now? How long does healing take? What support is available and what can you do to support your mind and body to heal postpartum? Get the knowledge you need to feel confident in your postpartum body.

Support and move your body postpartum

Gentle, guided exercise videos with B to release physical tensions, activate your core and pelvic floor and heal and build strength in your physical postpartum body. Exercise sessions vary in length, are for all levels of fitness and can be accessed at your own pace, in your own home, whenever works for you.

Understand & navigate postpartum emotion

Respond to and process your pregnancy, labour, birth and early motherhood experience. Work through your birth story and find support to heal from birth trauma you may have experienced. Become curious of your own perceptions and work on how to understand and reframe them.

Identify the signs of postpartum depression or anxiety and find the support you need

We look at the symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety and help you assess how you’re coping. We provide information of where you can find the support you need and how to access it.

Understand your baby’s feelings & communication

Ideas to support your baby and their feelings in a way that aligns with your own parenting values. Learn what your baby is communicating, how to comfort them and help them release their emotion and tensions. Understand infant sleep and learn ways to help the whole family maximise sleep in those early months.

Establish postnatal self-care practices & boundaries

Unpack your imprints around self-care and how this affects your own self-care priorities as a mother. Learn to listen to what your body and mind needs - guilt-free - that will strengthen your connection with your body and your baby. Learn to set healthy boundaries to meet your own needs so you can meet the needs of your family.

Understand matresecence, hormones and postnatal nutrition

Make your journey to motherhood smooth, rewarding and memorable by understanding the matresecense journey (if you don’t know it, we explain it all!), your hormones and how you can support yourself and your baby with optimum nutrition.

Relate and communicate with your partner postpartum

Dynamics change when a new baby arrives. We help you dive deeper into your relationship and your communication style and learn how your own childhood family dynamics impact your interactions as a partner. We cover strategies and tips to help you focus on a healthy relationship that serves your whole family.

What's included:

Audio & Video Content

Listen and watch when it works for you. Pop us in your ears and think of it as a big warm hug from Lael & B.

Guided Relaxations

Subconscious relaxations to help shift any stuck stories as well as guided visualisations.

Detailed Resource Guide

Detailed resource guide to help you find further support and information.

Complete Course Flexibility

Listen and watch on your schedule. Pre-recorded to guide you mentally, emotionally and physically through the first six months postpartum.

Lifetime Access

No limits to how long you can access this course. Come back to us when you need to throughout your postpartum period and for future babies.

Ready to start?

This online course guides you to build trust and confidence by tuning into your postpartum body and mind to understand, heal and find your power.







Frequently asked questions:

The course is created by TEDx speaker, educator, author and Aware Parenting expert Lael Stone, and midwife, and personal trainer B from Core & Floor Restore. Together they have a combined 30 years experiencing supporting mothers through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
This course is for every mother no matter how you birthed your baby. We work to help you recover physically from all birth whilst supporting you emotionally and mentally through your postpartum period.
Yes. This will help you and your partner in the early postpartum period. We look at the feelings of each individual in the family including the birth mother, partner and baby. We look at the needs of each of these individuals to create a healthy, connected postpartum family environment in which you will all thrive.
Yes. We understand that our language is gendered in terms of the word ‘Mother’. And we do apologise for this. No matter how you identify, if you are in the first six months postpartum and are struggling physically, mentally or emotionally, this course will help you heal.
Sadly one in three Australian women experience birth trauma. Holding the Mother helps you explore your feelings and imprints around your birth and begins your healing journey. If you feel you need greater support before, during or after the course, you can book a one-on-one Birth Debrief session with B or join us for one of our face-to-face workshops around Australia.
We’re not nutritionists but we do cover how you can support yourself and your baby nutritionally and give you information on where to find further nutritional support in our detailed Resource Guide.
Yes. This is a gentle, activating way of moving your body that supports your pelvic floor and core. We go through ways to re-identify with movement and even break down how to pick up your baby post-birth or get in and out of bed in a way that won’t cause any injury or pain.
B talks through some physical aspects of breastfeeding. For further information that supports your ongoing breastfeeding journey, we will provide links in our resources guide.
Flexible audio and video content that you can watch and listen to on your own schedule when it suits you. You get lifetime access, to come back to it when you need it and at a time that works for you.
Altogether the course content is about six hours of listening and watching. You can binge it all at once or break it up into bite-sized chunks that work for you. And you get lifetime access to the course for your second, third or fifteenth child.
$99.00 for lifetime access. Come back to it for each child you have or whenever you need the support and nurture of a village.
Often it’s not until we’ve been through our first postpartum period that we realise how little support we had and how much we really needed emotional and physical support in early postpartum. Perhaps you didn’t feel your first postpartum period was as rewarding or memorable as you had hoped. We want to help you have a positive and powerful postpartum period every time you welcome a new babe. This course is designed to help you do just that.

This course is what they don’t tell you in the current system. This is the physical, emotional and mental information you need to find power in your postpartum space. To understand the issues you may be facing and to address them and heal from them. We created this course because this information is not being given to early postpartum mothers.

No, the resources contain additional information to help you find out what is going on for you.

You won’t! You get lifetime access to this flexible online content. Do it at your own pace in your own time.

Yes. This is about taking care of yourself as a mother and fostering a greater connection to your physical and mental well-being. It’s for learning about yourself and your baby in the early postpartum space and will help you have a positive rewarding postpartum period in line with your own values.

Via flexible online video and audio content. Convenient for you to tune in whenever works for you. You also have access to a detailed resource guide for further support.

Watch what you need. Take from it what resonates and works for you.

Yes. We invite you to tune into your baby and their feelings and communications and provide some ways that you can help maximise sleep for the whole family in those early weeks and months. But it is not a sleep guide and there is no step-by-step settling information. instead, we focus on tuning into your baby’s communications and how you can better connect with and understand your baby.

Confidence and power as a mother in early postpartum. A detailed understanding of physical body issues and how they can be healed. An understanding and pathway to navigate your emotional experiences. The warm and compassionate support and guidance of Bernadette Lack and Lael stone with a combined 35 years of experience in postpartum support.

Meet Lael and Bernadette

Supporting mothers like you is our passion. We’re here to support you through your parenting journey and help you find joy, connection and compassion.

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